UNC Charlotte Chancellor: Access and opportunity for every deserving student


By PHILIP L. DUBOIS CHARLOTTE – Founded just 70 years ago to educate veterans returning from World War II, what is today known as UNC Charlotte remains committed to its original mission to provide access to the benefits of higher education for every deserving student. The 278 veterans who enrolled in the Charlotte Center of the… READ MORE

Invest in innovation – or leave it to chance?


GREENSBORO – One thing that makes a great university is strong state support. In the accompanying video, UNC Greensboro Chancellor Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr. says North Carolina has a history of doing just that. “We’re at a watershed in American public higher education,” Gilliam says.  “For so long, the states subsidized state universities at high… READ MORE

UNCC creates partnerships between students, businesses


By Paul Nowell UNC Charlotte pmnowell@uncc.edu CHARLOTTE – UNC Charlotte economics professor Matthew Metzgar teaches Managerial Economics, a requirement for all majors in the Belk College of Business. With about 275 students, the course covers basic business concepts such as demand, cost, production, and market analysis. So Metzgar decided to make it more hands-on for… READ MORE

WSSU Chancellor: Student success key to social, economic mobility


By ELWOOD L. ROBINSON Not all college rankings are created equal. Many national rankings reward universities for their selectivity or focus on metrics like reputation, recognizing universities that spend more money to game the system. Over the years, universities like Winston-Salem State University, which serve a large number of minorities, low-income, and first generation students,… READ MORE

NCSSM meets high-achieving students where they are


DURHAM – If a smart student on Ocracoke wants to take Honors Physics, odds are her high school won’t have enough students to offer it. But the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham can make it happen. The School of Science and Math was the first residential school of its kind in the… READ MORE

“Music is math”


DURHAM – ‘The Arts’ aren’t part of the name at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.  But the arts are an integral part of the school. “People, when they hear ‘North Carolina School of Science and Math,’ they think that’s all we do,” Chancellor Todd Roberts says in the accompanying video.  “We are a… READ MORE

WCU keeps its access and affordability promise to WNC


By DAVID O. BELCHER CULLOWHEE – While Western North Carolina’s mountains attract millions of visitors from around the world, beneath the beauty of the majestic peaks and long-range vistas exists a threat to the region’s economic viability. That threat is the low level of higher education attained by those who call these mountains home and… READ MORE

A challenge to legislators


RALEIGH – Gov. Roy Cooper’s proposed state budget for 2017-19 asks lawmakers to choose education over the tax cuts they’ve favored in recent years. “We have a world-class University System, a culture of innovation and creativity, and an abundance of natural beauty,” Cooper said in a letter presenting his budget to legislators.  “However, over the past… READ MORE