Leadership Profile: UNCG Chancellor Franklin Gilliam, Jr.


GREENSBORO – Oddly, Frank Gilliam Jr.’s path into academia started on a football field. As a senior running back for the Drake University Bulldogs, Gilliam was having the game of his life against Colorado until a fateful hit sent him over the bench with a set of broken ribs. “I sat up and said, ‘I can’t… READ MORE

Most diverse campus in the UNC system?


GREENSBORO – At UNC Greensboro, it’s a challenge to define the “typical” student. “We have perhaps the most diverse student body in the system,” Chancellor Frank Gilliam, Jr. says in the accompanying video. “It’s a fascinating campus in that way,” Gilliam says, listing non-traditional and working adults, African-Americans, LGBTQ and veterans among the student populations on… READ MORE

UNCG: Opportunity – and excellence


GREENSBORO – Chancellor Frank Gilliam boils what makes UNC Greensboro  great down to two words:  Opportunity and excellence. “Historically, we’ve always provided opportunity, even when it was a woman’s college,” Gilliam says in the accompanying video.  “Today, we provide opportunity to a lot of first-generation students and other students who may not (otherwise) go to college… READ MORE

‘That’s what makes college so exciting’


GREENSBORO – As UNC Greensboro develops a new strategic plan, Chancellor Frank Gilliam says he wants the university to focus on a few very important things to make itself better: Support for students:  “Whatever it is, we have to lower the cost for students,” Gilliam says in the accompanying video, citing increased fellowships, grants or scholarships… READ MORE

UNC plan: Higher education a goal for all students


Anyone who thinks UNC System President Margaret Spellings isn’t serious about higher education access and affordability needs to take a look at the University’s new strategic plan. The plan aims to make our public universities look more like the rest of North Carolina, with a special emphasis on increasing enrollment among students from rural and… READ MORE



2016 was a year of continued growth and expanded reach for the Higher Education Works Foundation.  It was also a year of change for public higher education in North Carolina: On March 1, Margaret Spellings became President of the University of North Carolina System.  The Higher Education Works Foundation has built a relationship with the… READ MORE

Survey finds consensus on value of NC’s public universities

People Hands Together Unity Team Cooperation Concept

RALEIGH (Jan. 18, 2017) – In an age of increasing political polarization, a survey finds North Carolinians share deep consensus on the value of their public universities. The survey conducted for the Higher Education Works Foundation found that: 70% of North Carolinians have a favorable view of the state’s public universities. 79% believe North Carolina’s… READ MORE

UNCW a source of expertise for Cape Fear region


WILMINGTON – “We are a source of expertise,” says UNC Wilmington Chancellor Jose “Zito” Sartarelli. “I see community engagement as give and take – we give to the community our expertise,” Sartarelli says in the accompanying video.  “… And also we benefit from it – we learn from it.” Together, UNCW and Cape Fear Community… READ MORE

UNCW military outreach: We owe it to our heroes


WILMINGTON – UNC Wilmington Chancellor Jose “Zito” Sartarelli knows military veterans have the self-discipline it takes to be successful students. “Military students or military-associated students – either active-duty or veterans or family – are very important to us,” Sartarelli says in the accompanying video. “First of all, I think we owe to our heroes the… READ MORE