UNCG/GTCC/ACC: Building expectations for a 4-year degree

GREENSBORO – There are fancy names for the partnerships UNC Greensboro announced last week to make it easier for students from Guilford Technical Community College and Alamance Community College to transfer to UNCG and earn bachelor’s and in some cases master’s degrees.1 But for UNCG Provost Dana Dunn, it’s about building expectations – especially among… READ MORE

Invest in innovation – or leave it to chance?

GREENSBORO – One thing that makes a great university is strong state support. In the accompanying video, UNC Greensboro Chancellor Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr. says North Carolina has a history of doing just that. “We’re at a watershed in American public higher education,” Gilliam says.  “For so long, the states subsidized state universities at high… READ MORE

Most diverse campus in the UNC system?

GREENSBORO – At UNC Greensboro, it’s a challenge to define the “typical” student. “We have perhaps the most diverse student body in the system,” Chancellor Frank Gilliam, Jr. says in the accompanying video. “It’s a fascinating campus in that way,” Gilliam says, listing non-traditional and working adults, African-Americans, LGBTQ and veterans among the student populations on… READ MORE

UNCG: Opportunity – and excellence

GREENSBORO – Chancellor Frank Gilliam boils what makes UNC Greensboro  great down to two words:  Opportunity and excellence. “Historically, we’ve always provided opportunity, even when it was a woman’s college,” Gilliam says in the accompanying video.  “Today, we provide opportunity to a lot of first-generation students and other students who may not (otherwise) go to college… READ MORE

‘That’s what makes college so exciting’

GREENSBORO – As UNC Greensboro develops a new strategic plan, Chancellor Frank Gilliam says he wants the university to focus on a few very important things to make itself better: Support for students:  “Whatever it is, we have to lower the cost for students,” Gilliam says in the accompanying video, citing increased fellowships, grants or scholarships… READ MORE

UNCC, UNCSA, UNCG employees recognized with Governor’s Awards

In addition to the award for Lindsay Recchie from NC State University, employees at several other UNC system campuses were recognized Tuesday with the Governor’s Award for Excellence: Lebra Nance of UNC Charlotte’s William States Lee College of Engineering “radiates positivity” and treats students as if they are her own children, her coworkers and former… READ MORE

UNCG professor sees a Digital Zen

GREENSBORO – Religion, we all know, is a touchy subject – but imagine how challenging it is to teach religion in a world that is both increasingly polarized and increasingly digital. Through a mixture of enthusiasm, humor, scholarship and technology, that’s where Dr. Gregory Price Grieve lives. Grieve, an Associate Professor and Head of the… READ MORE

UNCG Chancellor: “We need those workers.”

GREENSBORO – The Connect NC bonds on the ballot in the March 15 primary election will help connect real students with real jobs. “We’re turning away 140 qualified nursing students every year,” UNC Greensboro Chancellor Franklin Gilliam Jr. says in the accompanying video. “Cone Health tells us we cannot produce nurses fast enough for them… READ MORE

VIDEO: Don Flow: “The most important institution in the state.”

WINSTON-SALEM – Auto dealer Don Flow is a graduate of the University of Virginia. And he stepped down this year as Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Wake Forest University. But Flow doesn’t mince words in the accompanying video about the importance of the University of North Carolina system. “The University of North Carolina… READ MORE