BOWLES: Leading UNC into the future

By Erskine B. Bowles President Emeritus University of North Carolina We North Carolinians are blessed to have a high-achieving, diverse University system that is admired not just across our country, but around the world.  A 2015 analysis concluded our public universities generated $27.9 billion in additional income for North Carolinians.1 The 17 public universities that… READ MORE

No “typical” college student

No longer is the “typical” college student necessarily a fresh-faced high-school graduate who immediately zips through four years at State U. and enters the work force. That “typical” student, in fact, is harder and harder to define. Some 40% of college students today are 25 or older.1  And in the last 10 years, the number of… READ MORE

People without jobs, jobs without people

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – At a recent education conference sponsored by the NC Chamber, several speakers repeated a catchy statement to describe North Carolina’s skills gap: We have people without jobs and jobs without people. There’s little doubt education is the answer to both. Yet University of North Carolina President Margaret Spellings cited a poll… READ MORE

North Carolina’s professional pipeline

Even if you never enroll as a student, higher education touches your life. Think about it:  Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs – and of course, teachers – all make a difference in our lives. And they all need varying degrees of training.  In many cases, that training comes from our public colleges… READ MORE

Spellings: Advising Corps breaks down ‘college isn’t for me’ myth

CHAPEL HILL – First-generation college students face so many barriers:  Standardized tests, applications, financial aid forms, deciding which schools to consider – even knowing how a college campus feels. For many, the process can be formidable. That’s where the College Advising Corps comes in, University of North Carolina President Margaret Spellings says in the accompanying… READ MORE

Return of the Teaching Fellows?

RALEIGH (March 9, 2017) – Legislative and education leaders proposed a partial restoration today of the N.C. Teaching Fellows Program that would offer forgivable loans to college students who agree to become public school teachers in high-demand STEM and special-education fields. The Teaching Fellows program began in 1986 and offered four-year scholarships to promising students… READ MORE

UNC plan: Higher education a goal for all students

Anyone who thinks UNC System President Margaret Spellings isn’t serious about higher education access and affordability needs to take a look at the University’s new strategic plan. The plan aims to make our public universities look more like the rest of North Carolina, with a special emphasis on increasing enrollment among students from rural and… READ MORE

The Meaning of a 21st-Century Education in North Carolina

By Michael Tiemann Chair, Board of Trustees University of North Carolina School of the Arts Education reform is a topic that dates back to at least Plato and the ancient Greeks.  Adam Smith wrote about it in The Wealth of Nations.  Thomas Jefferson advocated for it as a democratic necessity.  Abraham Lincoln effected it by… READ MORE

Casteen: Core curriculum needed more now than a generation ago

Remarks from John T. Casteen III President Emeritus, University of Virginia Virginia Episcopal School Centennial Founders Day Lynchburg, VA September 30, 2016 The major speaker at the first college deans’ meeting I attended (in 1975) was the late Caroline Bird, who was one of the founders of modern American feminism – one of the small… READ MORE