Growing demand for nurses

DOBSON – There’s little doubt there are jobs waiting for nursing students. “Demand is huge,” Lory Puckett, a nursing instructor at Surry Community College, declares in the accompanying video. “The demand in nursing has always been there, and it’s going to continue to be there, because we have an aging population,” Puckett says.  “…So with… READ MORE

Welding at Surry – ‘the sky’s the limit’

DOBSON – The welding shop at Surry Community College is a study in supply and demand – and the upshot is high wages for welders the college trains. Five-and-a-half years ago, Surry had 12 welding students, President David Shockley says in the accompanying video.  Then a company arrived nearby that needed welders – and today… READ MORE

Community colleges ‘take students wherever they are’

DOBSON – Many of us don’t realize how many ways community colleges touch our lives. “We truly reflect the citizenship of our region,” President David Shockley of Surry Community College says in the accompanying video.  “We are the most diverse higher education entity in the world.” The students and their needs are so varied, Shockley… READ MORE

Fruit of the vine at Surry Community College

DOBSON – Grow grapes from tobacco soil?  They said it couldn’t be done. But construction and real-estate developers Charlie and Ed Shelton believed the red clay of the Yadkin Valley shares climate and growing conditions with some of the best wine-growing regions in Europe, so they launched Shelton Vineyards in 1999. A new industry to… READ MORE

“Free” community college?

Our neighbors in Tennessee invented “free” community college. In 2014, Republican Gov. Bill Haslam launched the Tennessee Promise – two years of tuition-free community college for Tennessee high school graduates.  Tennessee uses lottery money to create a “last-dollar” scholarship that pays a student’s tuition after federal and other aid have been tapped.1 More than 33,000… READ MORE

UNCG/GTCC/ACC: Building expectations for a 4-year degree

GREENSBORO – There are fancy names for the partnerships UNC Greensboro announced last week to make it easier for students from Guilford Technical Community College and Alamance Community College to transfer to UNCG and earn bachelor’s and in some cases master’s degrees.1 But for UNCG Provost Dana Dunn, it’s about building expectations – especially among… READ MORE