Spellings walks toward the protesters

Since taking office in March, University of North Carolina President Margaret Spellings has faced small but insistent protests about her perceived agenda for public higher education. And at every opportunity, she has gone out of her way to meet those protesters and talk through their concerns.  It’s not easy to walk toward people who are… READ MORE

NCGAP: You’re in, but you’re not

The General Assembly needs to defer its deferred admissions program. In a provision tucked into the state budget last year, legislators declared that 6-year graduation rates at our state’s public universities are too low – even though they are nearly 10 percentage points above the national average.1 Legislators ordered the University and Community College systems… READ MORE

Lagging university benefits: “That’s real money”

CHAPEL HILL – Stagnant pay for University faculty and staff remains a major problem in North Carolina, hampering the state’s ability to hire and keep top-tier teachers and researchers. State lawmakers have offered a single 1.2% raise in the past seven years, even as other states have recruited aggressively to poach talent. But it’s more… READ MORE

UNCG Chancellor: “That’s who you want in the classroom.”

GREENSBORO – Though he’s new to campus, Chancellor Frank Gilliam of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro knows UNCG lost a star health economist to the University of Virginia. “If faculty salaries stagnate, you will have retention problems,” Gilliam says in the accompanying video. “Our faculty, the best ones, are as good as anybody… READ MORE

A&T biomaterials: “As strong as steel bolts”

NC A&T State University Chancellor Harold Martin speaks from experience – it’s no fun carrying steel bolts inside you long after broken bones have healed. But with help from the National Science Foundation, biomaterials researchers at A&T have developed new materials to bond fractures that then degrade and disappear when their work is done. “We’ve… READ MORE

Faculty Assembly Chair: Trouble at all levels with recruitment, retention

Dr. Stephen Leonard, professor of political science at UNC Chapel Hill, is serving his second year as chair of the UNC System’s Faculty Assembly. He represents more than 16,000 professors across North Carolina’s public universities.  Leonard sat down with the Higher Education Works Foundation to talk about the importance of recruiting and retaining high-quality faculty…. READ MORE

ROSS: Faculty salaries a “glaring weakness” for North Carolina

CHAPEL HILL (Oct. 10, 2015) – University of North Carolina System President Tom Ross told a roomful of supporters Saturday that North Carolina’s public universities weathered the recession quite well — with one major exception. “We’ve fallen behind in faculty salaries, and we’re falling farther behind,” Ross said. “We’ve got a problem there we have… READ MORE

PHINEAS’ STORY: UNC Lineberger immunotherapy makes one happy 6-year-old

CHAPEL HILL – Two years ago, Carlos and Tina Sandi faced a fear that was all too familiar – the fear of losing a child to cancer. Their 4-year-old son, Phineas, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Their daughter, Althea, had been diagnosed with a different form of leukemia six years earlier and died from… READ MORE