A red state that values higher ed


North Carolina might not have a whole lot in common with Wyoming, but it does share one thing: A requirement in its state constitution to keep university tuition as low as possible. 1 And thoroughly Republican Wyoming 2 is struggling to keep that commitment. Wyoming consistently ranks among the top three states in state appropriations… READ MORE



2016 was a year of continued growth and expanded reach for the Higher Education Works Foundation.  It was also a year of change for public higher education in North Carolina: On March 1, Margaret Spellings became President of the University of North Carolina System.  The Higher Education Works Foundation has built a relationship with the… READ MORE

Survey finds consensus on value of NC’s public universities

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RALEIGH (Jan. 18, 2017) – In an age of increasing political polarization, a survey finds North Carolinians share deep consensus on the value of their public universities. The survey conducted for the Higher Education Works Foundation found that: 70% of North Carolinians have a favorable view of the state’s public universities. 79% believe North Carolina’s… READ MORE

REVIEW: Real reform will take real investment


Matching Students to Opportunity: Expanding College Choice, Access, & Quality Edited by Andrew P. Kelly, Jessica S. Howell, and Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj Harvard Education Press, 2016. By Eric Johnson Contributing Editor  Our country leaves a lot of talent on the table. That’s the overwhelming message of Matching Students to Opportunity, a wonky tome of higher education… READ MORE

Let’s sustain NC’s lead in higher education


Like other students across the country, students at North Carolina’s public universities have seen state support reduced and tuition increase since the Great Recession. Yet because of North Carolina’s tradition of generous state support, state funds here remain almost $2,000 more per student than the average across the nation – and tuition at our public… READ MORE

A continuing retreat


RALEIGH – North Carolina’s public universities are obliged to cut $62.8 million this year.  That’s what lawmakers required in the state budget signed into law this month.1 It’s not a devastating amount.  Chancellors will work to limit the damage for students, researchers, and programs that directly impact regional economies. But it’s yet another decision to… READ MORE

Faculty raises welcome, but won’t stem poaching


RALEIGH (June 29, 2016) – The $22.3 billion budget for 2016-17 that state legislators are moving to approve this week offers stable funding for state universities and community colleges, but it fails yet again to make investments in faculty sufficient to keep our campuses competitive. The budget cuts income taxes by $145 million by raising… READ MORE