A challenge to legislators


RALEIGH – Gov. Roy Cooper’s proposed state budget for 2017-19 asks lawmakers to choose education over the tax cuts they’ve favored in recent years. “We have a world-class University System, a culture of innovation and creativity, and an abundance of natural beauty,” Cooper said in a letter presenting his budget to legislators.  “However, over the past… READ MORE

Duke President: “We need … a great public university system”


DURHAM – Duke likes UNC? Yes, Duke University President Richard Brodhead says in the accompanying video.  It might not be evident from sports rivalries, but Duke supports and enjoys a collegial relationship with its neighbors from the University of North Carolina System. “We, like everybody else in the state, need and absolutely require a great… READ MORE



2016 was a year of continued growth and expanded reach for the Higher Education Works Foundation.  It was also a year of change for public higher education in North Carolina: On March 1, Margaret Spellings became President of the University of North Carolina System.  The Higher Education Works Foundation has built a relationship with the… READ MORE

Survey finds consensus on value of NC’s public universities

People Hands Together Unity Team Cooperation Concept

RALEIGH (Jan. 18, 2017) – In an age of increasing political polarization, a survey finds North Carolinians share deep consensus on the value of their public universities. The survey conducted for the Higher Education Works Foundation found that: 70% of North Carolinians have a favorable view of the state’s public universities. 79% believe North Carolina’s… READ MORE

REVIEW: Real reform will take real investment


Matching Students to Opportunity: Expanding College Choice, Access, & Quality Edited by Andrew P. Kelly, Jessica S. Howell, and Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj Harvard Education Press, 2016. By Eric Johnson Contributing Editor  Our country leaves a lot of talent on the table. That’s the overwhelming message of Matching Students to Opportunity, a wonky tome of higher education… READ MORE