NC’s disinvestment: More tuition, more debt, fewer teachers

RALEIGH – Continuing our look at North Carolina’s disinvestment in public education, a shortfall in state support has meant higher tuition and more debt for university students and fewer teachers for students in our K-12 public schools. Though higher education is a public good that benefits us all – and our state constitution requires legislators… READ MORE

A long-term slide in NC education spending

RALEIGH – Since the mid-2000s, North Carolina has seen a general decline in expenditures per student in our K-12 public schools, community colleges and public universities. Likewise – despite a modest bump the past few years – the state’s rank in average K-12 teacher salaries has declined since 2000. Figures on average teacher salaries released… READ MORE

A challenge to legislators

RALEIGH – Gov. Roy Cooper’s proposed state budget for 2017-19 asks lawmakers to choose education over the tax cuts they’ve favored in recent years. “We have a world-class University System, a culture of innovation and creativity, and an abundance of natural beauty,” Cooper said in a letter presenting his budget to legislators.  “However, over the past… READ MORE

Duke President: “We need … a great public university system”

DURHAM – Duke likes UNC? Yes, Duke University President Richard Brodhead says in the accompanying video.  It might not be evident from sports rivalries, but Duke supports and enjoys a collegial relationship with its neighbors from the University of North Carolina System. “We, like everybody else in the state, need and absolutely require a great… READ MORE


(Download PDF of report) 2016 was a year of continued growth and expanded reach for the Higher Education Works Foundation.  It was also a year of change for public higher education in North Carolina: On March 1, Margaret Spellings became President of the University of North Carolina System.  The Higher Education Works Foundation has built… READ MORE

Survey finds consensus on value of NC’s public universities

RALEIGH (Jan. 18, 2017) – In an age of increasing political polarization, a survey finds North Carolinians share deep consensus on the value of their public universities. The survey conducted for the Higher Education Works Foundation found that: 70% of North Carolinians have a favorable view of the state’s public universities. 79% believe North Carolina’s… READ MORE