Let’s sustain NC’s lead in higher education


Like other students across the country, students at North Carolina’s public universities have seen state support reduced and tuition increase since the Great Recession. Yet because of North Carolina’s tradition of generous state support, state funds here remain almost $2,000 more per student than the average across the nation – and tuition at our public… READ MORE

Tuition Cap: Legislators must replace lost revenue


RALEIGH – A bill backed by state Senate leaders that would cap tuition at five North Carolina universities at $1,000 a year deserves praise for attempting to limit costs for students and their families. But unless legislators commit to provide incremental revenue to replace lost tuition dollars at the five universities, they could cripple the… READ MORE

NC voters reaffirm support for public higher education


RALEIGH (March 17, 2016) – Once again, North Carolina voters affirmed their deep support for public higher education Tuesday, approving $2 billion in Connect NC bonds by a vote of 66% to 34%.1 More than two-thirds of the bonds will build capacity at public universities and community colleges across the state in high-demand fields: Medicine…. READ MORE

Connect NC and NC Community Colleges


If voters approve on March 15, North Carolina’s community colleges plan to use proceeds from the Connect NC bond package to help students fill jobs in each community they serve. The $2 billion bond proposal includes $350 million for construction, repairs and renovations at the state’s 58 community colleges.1  State officials stress that no tax… READ MORE